19th May 2021
Ever wondered how some old cars can remain sleek and polished in their ‘showroom condition’ even after not going for their frequent car washes? Well that’s because these car owners protect their prized investments to ensure they are always in pristine conditions and there are many ways to do so. Frequent car washes and polish sessions, can speed up damage to your automobiles’ paint hence car owners would turn to other methods to protect their cars’ paint. The most popular and common methods are car waxes, paint sealants, glazes, polishes and paint coatings.

The above methods play an essential and critical role in car detailing, providing invisible barriers that prevent oxidation and contamination from getting your cars’ clearcoat. Especially in humid and hot countries like Singapore, the UV rays will speed up oxidation on your cars’ paint, making them lose their shine, along with other elements of acidic rain and dust sticking to the surfaces.

Now that you have a general idea on the methods for your cars’ exteriors to be in their best possible conditions, you must be wondering which type of method is most suitable for your automobile.


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