Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Van wraps are a stylish alternative to traditional automobile customization through painting, decals and other customization methods. High quality vinyl or fiberglass can help businesses or organizations promote themselves as well as show what they stand for. They come in different colors, sizes, patterns and designs . Van graphics combine aesthetic appeal with functionality . For those who want to attract new customers and drive sales , effective van wraps and graphics can be used to call attention to their brand and visually illustrate the business' unique message. From small businesses to large corporations , individuals rely on van wraps and graphics to enhance their automobiles. These unique designs capture attention from passersby, leads , and customers.

Commercial vehicle wraps are a great way to increase brand awareness, boost advertising revenue, and reinvent your identity. The goal is simple - owning the largest space in front of the largest amount of people at any given time. Chances are you drive tons of vehicles on a daily basis - why not put your company's image on ALL of them? The benefits and impact of creating vehicle murals are impossible to ignore. From spreading positive word-of-mouth among viewers to increasing referrals from happy clients, the persuasive impact that vehicle graphics deliver are indisputable! Van wraps deliver stunning results for ad agencies looking to revamp business growth via innovative marketing tactics. No matter what industry you work in or focus on with your company, RivetingWraps can take your business efforts above and beyond success.

Wrap your vans to convey the message of your brand, products and services. Van wraps are cost effective because they last up to 5 years- you won't be paying extra charges every month! They help you cut marketing costs by 90% so you can focus more on building customer relationships. Viewers think that your vehicle is moving billboard which means higher recall value. You will surely reap a positive outcome by taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to expose your products and services!


Be Inspired With The Designs


Attention Grabbing

The bold wraps and graphics on vans capture attention from passersby, leads, and customers to your brand, products and services

Business Growth

The benefits and effects of van wraps and graphics support and align with business and organization development growth

Positive WOMs

Van wraps and graphics spread positive word of mouths among viewers and satisfied customers. They are the a persuasive Call-To-Action!

Great ROIs

The additional investment on wraps and graphics for an already owned asset yield even greater return on investments than just the vans alone

Effective Media

Compared to other advertising media, such as newspaper, television, outdoor billboards, vehicle advertising is the most cost effective

Always On-The-Go

Your vans graphics bring your brand wherever they go, making it a mobile advertisement that's everywhere and never stop working even when parked


Know More About Van Wraps And Graphics - One Of Your Strongest Advertising Channels!

Transform your vans into mobile billboards with Riveting Wraps' professional vehicle graphics design, production, and installation services.

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