Wrap Infinity Singapore

Car Window Tinting

Wrap Infinity provides solar films to protect you and your car interior from UV rays. Our range of films aids heat reduction and reduces glare while providing excellent optical clarity. It boosts privacy by obscuring visibility for outsiders, adding visual appeal to any type of vehicle. 

The best way to know whether your windows are properly tinted is to check for solar haziness. If your windows look hazy from the outside, this means that they’re not fully shielded from UV rays and still allow some of the radiation to pass through the glass.


Providing more than just protection, the WinCrest Series has the added feature of premium UV rejection to keep out the harmful radiation from entering the vehicle, keeping the driver out of harm’s way. 

Installing windshield protection film is never easy and could be very time consuming. To save your time, WinCrest series were developed to be much more convenient,  providing you with a seamless installation process.

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